The Bemsee Rider Development Programme

One thing you will not suffer from whilst racing with Bemsee is lack of support. Should you find yourself needing help during, or in between a race weekend, there are is a mass of experienced Bemsee people always people willing to help you find a solution to the problem or answer to a question.

We will do our best to spot you if you are struggling or need some help…. but we also need you to help yourself and find us when you need us. Don’t be scared we are all part of one big family at Bemsee and we all bend over backwards to help each other.

ACU Coach/Instructors:

Bemsee is proud to have the largest number of qualified ACU Road Race Instructors within its membership. We have more than any other Club in the country and we continually invest and innovate in the area of rider development. Our Instructors are available to all members for advice, mentoring, instruction and rider development throughout the year.

Remember everyone has different ability in strengths and areas for development. Racing is about progression in skills and your first years racing will be a big learning curve. The Instructors can help you in many ways by working with you. You have the opportunity to use their experience on and off track so remember to book your instructor. It’s easy:

To book instruction, do it well in advance of the test day, by simply  by selecting “Request an Instructor” Online, when you book your Testday. Instructor allocations are published on the Clubs Facebook groups in advance of the test day.

Team Green Junior Cup and Young Rider Support:

Bemsee is passionate about bike racing and in particular the young talent that joins the club in the Team Green Junior Cup.

With very excitable youth and supportive, but naturally concerned parents, we are committed to giving the best advice to both riders and parents through the experience we have in the club. Our commitment to put our top class riders through the ACU coaching course to give them additional education in dealing with riders under the age of 18 is proof of the focus we have in this area.

These instructors, headed by the Bemsee director of Rider Development Jeremy Hill, will work closely with the young riders and parents to identify, and work on, the special requirements that come from working with young racers on the big tracks. Building trust to open communication is key and these instructors work extremely hard to ensure the younger riders enjoy their racing and rider development.

If you want to know more please contact Jeremy DETAILS HERE or the Race Office. We are here to help and answer any questions.

Buddy Scheme

It can be a very daunting prospect turning up at your first race meeting with nerves, excitement and a certain amount of confusion. Where do you go, what do you do, what time do you need to be at Technical Inspection, in the collecting area for your race, get your leathers on, go for the emergency pre-race toilet run……etc etc.

The Buddy Scheme is focused directly at pairing up all new racers with an experienced racer in the paddock to help them through the first few meetings. It will be a friendly face to meet and greet you and make sure you get where you need to go, on time and with all of the right equipment. If you would like a buddy be sure to contact Jeremy or Bemsee Race Office to register as soon as possible as this is a popular benefit from the club and needs planning!

You’ll be allocated, and have contact with your race buddy, before you get to your first meeting.

Race Admin Support

Tracey Ringrow is Bemsee’s Race Secretary and deals with all of the race admin prior to the meeting and in the paddock office over the race weekend. She is an oracle of knowledge in relation to administration and very helpful. As racers you have the responsibility to ensure your entries completed and in on time. But some things can be unavoidable so if you need her help she accepts chocolates if she has helped you out!

In 2015 The Club launched a new online entry system.  To get ready for the season, go there and complete your own rider profile just click the “Register” button top right and follow the process through. You’ll then be ready to use the system to entry meetings and testdays in 2019.

Rider Reps

To assist you in your racing you have specific “Riders Reps” who are associated with each race class, as well as a Rookie Rep specifically to help you through your first years racing. All of the Reps are experienced racers and very approachable. They are there as a communication and reference point to feed information up and down the organisational chain within the club so ideas, issues or news can be clearly communicated and dealt with. The Riders Reps are also specialists in the area they represent and can advise on detailed aspects of that class.

For your first years racing your Rookie Rep is Jeremy Hill DETAILS HERE  - Contact him and have a chat about racing in general. He’s happy to share his experiences to get you out on the grid!