Racing Classes

Illuminate Design BMZRC 250 MZ

The ultimate budget class with a great family friendly paddock. This class may use any tyre treaded or slick and is run in accordance with the BMZRC technical specifications. Much more info on the MZ Racing Club’s own site at

Runs with Blue Haze GPF........

Bemsee "Blue Haze" GPF - Supported by Inta and Taymar MC

Blue Haze is an Open two stroke class that caters for all 2 stroke race bikes, whether it be a GP bike or road converted bike this dedicated 2-stroke class is the grid of choice. Blue haze GP has 2 subclasses: GP Class – Open, any GP based machine Road Based – Open, any race converted road bike

BMCRC Formula 400

The F400 class has developed into a superbly competitive class with great camaraderie. There’s a Rookie section in this class and a “stock” sub-64 bhp class. Regulations are HERE

RKB-F1/BMCRC F1 & F2 Sidecars

If 3-wheels take your fancy and there’re two of you we’ll put you in touch with reps from this class who can help you get started. A unique breed of racers this and the Bemsee paddock is more the richer for them. With National and World competitions converting to 600cc engines throughout, we will maintain the availability of a max 1000cc F1 Long Chassis class Championship for 2023 alongside a short chassis 600 F2 class.

DART MRO 600 & Clubman 600 & Moto EVO and Street EVO

A class that mixes Stock 600’s and Supersport 600 tuned machines competing for a single title.

Features a “600 Clubman Championship” open to Clubmen licence holders only, stock or tuned.

Clubman do not score in the main Championship. Meeting Format: MRO 600 runs one qualifying session to set the grid for race 1.

The Class has four races over the weekend. Subsequent races grids set according to fastest lap scored in previous race.

Moto EVO and Street EVO - New for 2023

In recent months the Club has received enquiries regarding the Triumph 765 and and Moto2 machines being eligible somewhere for competition at Bemsee. We are adding a subclass to MRO600 in 2023 that will be a joint 765/Moto2 competition.  These bikes will run within the MRO600 grid but will score points only in their own championship.
Rules now available CLICK HERE

MRO Minitwins & SuperTwins

Supported by Properly Protected Insurance

The biggest dedicated Minitwin grid in the UK! Predominantly the Suzuki SV650. 16 yr olds

Can be on an ACU Novice or Clubman Licence, 15yrs on a National Licence.

Rookies will run in with the main MRO Class

This class must use Road Legal tyres except when a wet race has been declared.

SuperTwins - New for 2023 - Regulations HERE

Reactive Parts MRO Powerbikes

& MRO Clubman 1000 & Thunderbike Ultra

Open to all 1000cc bikes, Stock or Tuned competing for a single title.

Features a “1000cc Clubman Cup” open to Clubmen licence holders only, stock or tuned.

Thunderbike Ultra also runs in with this grid - Separate Championship - RULES HERE

Meeting Format: runs one qualifying session to set the grid for race 1.

The Class has four races over the weekend. Subsequent races grids set according to fastest lap scored in previous race.

ACU Team Green Junior Cup/Senior Ninja Series

Series for 14-18 yr olds on the Kawasaki Ninja 300 or 400 twin, 4-stroke.
Special Ninja 400 package available via Kawasaki, sealed engines, over 9 rounds. Novice, Clubman or National licence holders’ eligible.

Dunlop controlled tyre. Ninja 250’s from 2012/3 also eligible, some available second hand….

Interested riders/parents teams should email the Bemsee office ( ) to register interest in order to receive a 2023 Series information pack.

CONTINUED FOR 2023: Senior Ninja Series

So many riders (and Dads) said they’d love to race the kid’s 300 or 400 bike – now’s your chance
Identical package to the Juniors, buy a bike and race! Will run alongside the Junior grid.
Contact to get things moving.

L&W Contractors BMCRC Rookie 600s & Rookie 1000s

This class is where many start their careers. All riders will be first year novice licence holders. The bikes run to Supersport/Superstock rules, this means you can run a tuned or stock bike. It’s trackcraft you’ll be learning as in the hands of a talented rider any bike can go quick. You’ll have the option to use treaded or slick tyres. There are separate Rookie 600 and Rookie 1000 championships running in the same grid.

BMCRC Thunderbike Sport & Thunderbike Extreme & Thunderbike Ultra

Supported by Steve Jordan Motorcycles & TBR Performance

The only Power to Weight Ratio series in the UK…

A power to weight ratio restriction applies here covering Singles, twins, triples & fours which are all eligible for this class. You may use any tyre, treaded or slick. Technical Regs for 2023 are below. This class includes a Thunderbike Extreme section too with a slightly higher P-W ratio. Details here.....

Thunderbike Ultra runs in with the Powerbikes for 2023

Thunderbike Regulations and the Thunderbikes - Eligible Bikes List can be found in this section

DFDS Seaways Yamaha Past Masters

Budget racing on the great Yamaha LC, TZR and YPVS bikes of the 80’s and early 90’s. The YPM class has developed into a special group in the Bemsee paddock. This class uses treaded tyres. Trophies for Clubman and Rookie sections on all races.

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