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Bemsee Club

This is for every member of the club and a great place to find out and discuss everything “Bemsee”. Many announcements are made here for race weekends so join up!


Bemsee Rookies 2024:

This is just for you if it’s your first year racing and you wear the orange rookie bib! You are all in it together for the first time so this is where friendships grow, laughs are had and all the questions you have can be answered. As well as all the new racers in the group there is a wealth of knowledge from all areas of the Bemsee team in here and we are here to help you, laugh with you and share the experiences you will have as each round comes and goes.

As well as the core groups above there are also a number of specialist groups you might want to join or take part in relating to your class of bike or just for interest. You are welcome in them all.


Steve Jordan Motorcycles
Lifestyle Transformation
Rod Harwin Racing
A&R Racing
TW Suspension
Properly Protected
Reactive Parts
Cigma Racing
Alf's Motorcycles
L&W Contractors
DART Motorsport
TBR Performance
Emerald Elevators
Helix Homes
GF Racing
RP Corse
The Clothing Kings