Start racing 2017....

Perhaps you’ve had your fill of trackdays and are looking for a new challenge. Maybe you’ve raced in the past or race motocross and fancy trying track racing. Whatever your reason, BEMSEE is here to help.

Everyone who’s new to racing must take the written ACU CTC (competency to compete) course and since 2014, all riders are required to undertake an on-track assessment.

Bemsee runs one major Race School each year - 2017 is 18-19 February at Brands Hatch. So we would recommend you check other operators who are running courses in your area. A list can be found on the ACU website CLICK HERE

We also recommend checking out dates with MSVT, some of those courses are taught by Bemsee Clerks, DETAILS HERE


Some of the Paperwork you need to complete...

1) To obtain a race licence, you will need to sit a classroom session known as the ACU-CTC course. The ACU is our sport’s governing body and CTC stands for Competitor Training Course. In the classroom, you will be tutored on various aspects of racing, such as flags, safety, etc. At the end of the sessions you will need to answer a multiple choice paper, which, as long as you have been paying attention to the tutor, you should pass.

2) To race with BMCRC (or any Club these days), you will need to complete an on-track course, the BRA (Basic Rider Assessment) which will cover a wide range of practical exercises that will introduce you to aspects of on-track race craft. This will assess your competency to ride and give you the chance to experience a race-start with all that goes with it – attending the assembly area – coming onto the grid – the warm-up lap – the lights, the start. This course is now a requirement for new Race Licence applicants. Check with the operator you book your course with as to their paperwork requirements...

you should need to complete:

An ACU Licence Application form 2017 (see Top Right)

A BMCRC 2017 Membership form, if you wish to race with us (see Top Right)

Take your 2017 Licence Application form with you when you attend your course (or send it in advance if the operator you are taking the course with requests that). Your form should have the eye test report completed (see p2 of the form) before you do your CTC/BRA Courses. The operator should stamp the reverse of the Licence Application Form to show you have successfully completed both parts of the course. Then, if you wish to race at Bemsee send it in to our office address with your Bemsee Membership Form. We will check your submission and forward it to the ACU for you. If any of the above seems daunting or you need a bit more explanation, please feel free to call us anyway on 01708 720305. 

A Final Note: The most common error on New Licence applications: If you've got a DVLA "A" Road-going Licence then you can start as an Intermediate Novice on a big bike. Only DVLA "A" Licence holders can ride 750's and 1000's. The standard Novice Licence grade (if you are not licenced to ride on the road) means you can only race a bike up to 600cc.


Rider Support & Development

The Bemsee Rider Development Programme has the reputation of being the best support package for Rookies in the market. Our rookie riders Director, Jeremy Hill will be available to you to contact for questions and advice and you’ll also receive a rookie rider pack with a wealth of information to help you at your first few meetings. In addition you will enjoy all these benefits:

Paddock Buddy: We will pair you up with an experience racer from your Class. They will be around at your early meetings to help show you the ropes - where to go - what to do.

Rider Development Programme: If you are able to find the time to do our Friday Testdays at each circuit, you will receive free instruction from one of our ACU Trained Coaches. The Club has invested time and effort to develop an extensive group of ACU Club Coaches over recent years and we now enjoy over 30 trained staff in this area - so we should be able to match you with an Instructor with experience on your type of machine.

Track Walks: The Club runs a Track Walk on the evening of each TestDay to assist new riders in gaining insight into what to look out for wherever we race. Usually attended by over 50 riders each time, often more, it's fun and very informative.
Bemsee Club Nutritionist: Free consultations & support for race fitness from our in-house trained Nutritionalist at each event and between meetings if you wish. See
Off track Mentoring: Regular masterclasses on suspension and other racing mysteries! There's always an expert available in the Bemee Paddock to assist with machine issues.
Facebook groups: Rookie, Club and Individual Class are available for you to request to join - see your Rookie Info Pack.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call our office on 01708 720305 and we’ll guide you through the process.

Rookie Classes

Bemsee runs dedicated Rookie 600 and Rookie 1000 classes as well as rookie sections in:

  • Thunderbikes
  • Minitwins
  • 400s
  • YPMs

Rider Reps

Every class has a rider representative, who can be contacted for more information about a class. See the Contact Section for their details.

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