I started riding motorcycles when I was fifteen, myself and a mate convinced an older lad with a 250 Yamaha to let us ride it round a field nearby, I was hooked and subsequently have spent the rest of my life racing/touring/building and generally never being too far from motorcycles.

I started racing in 1989, on returning from the Manx Grand Prix I declared that I could do that and probably better than anyone had before me. Lesson 1 learned, I didn’t manage a complete lap of Brands Hatch GP my first time on a race track.

A season of regularly falling off followed until a very wise and dear friend to Bemsee, Tim (thanks for coming) McGrane took me to one side and told me I might actually enjoy racing if I calmed down and managed to finish a race. Thanks Tim.

We all need advice and with Tim’s in mind I started to enjoy racing and over the next ten years won four club championships and raced in just about every class going including the Manx Grand Prix, World Endurance and passengering sidecars on a number of occasions.

I became a Director of Bemsee in 1999, I considered it a privilege to be asked and have enjoyed representing the membership and helping promote our sport.

My racing career highlight was a season racing at Moto GP in 2002 for BMW UK in the BMW Boxer Cup series, racing against the likes of Randy Mamola and Kevin Swantz was just a dream come true. I returned to race with Bemsee for the next five years until retiring and becoming a Clerk of the Course in 2007.

My professional background has been aircraft engineering for many years and now after a career change, garden design.

When up in race control I still get the same buzz that I used to when sitting on the grid, racing has been a huge part of my life and I am happy to be putting something back and ensuring that we maintain a safe environment for you to race in.

On race day I may look focused and busy but please do stop me and ask for help or advice, I and the rest of the team are here to ensure you have the most exciting but safest time possible while racing with Bemsee.