The receipt for the only new motorcycle I ever bought, a 750cc Triumph Trident, was in Pounds Shillings and Pence - go figure!  A friend bought a Honda 750 at the same time.  If ever two motorcycles illustrated the state of their respective manufacturing industries, the demise of the British and the ascendance of the Japanese, these were the ones.  Nevertheless, undeterred, I soldiered on. 

A group of us used to spectate at race meetings, mainly at Brands Hatch, and after a while realised that Marshalls got in for free, and had a better view – that was how it all started.

As time passed, I moved on to become a Scrutineer (I still think it has a better ring to it than “Technical Official”), then featured in the Start Line Posse followed by Clerk of the Course while somehow at the same time stumbling into contributing as a Director and ultimately, Chairman of the Board.  I think my main contribution has been helping to steer the Club through the transition from an informally managed sport that tacitly accepted bangs and knocks - to the current regime where Health & Safety is around every corner and the “someone (else) has to be at fault” culture has to be managed while still maintaining the essential free spirit of our competitions.

When I called it a day on that role I was immensely proud to be asked to become President of the Club.  I actively support the club at every race meeting and behind the scenes.  I try not to interfere too often, but to offer my experience and take a long term view where I think I can contribute.

I live in Gloucestershire just north  of the Severn Bridge on the M4 (I used to be 1 mile from Brands until work “reorganised”) married to Karen who prefers four legged horsepower.  I am a Chartered Engineer specialising in Metallurgy and Welding, a member of various professional bodies and currently employed as an Engineering Consultant in the Nuclear Power industry.