Bikes have been my life since I was a kid hacking around on mountain bikes on and off road until it became time to get a better form of transport to get to work at the age of 16. The motorbike then took over as my preferred source of feeding my addiction to adrenaline.

My Bike history started with a Yamaha DT50 and I followed the Yamaha theme with the TZR 125, RD 350 (My favourite), RD500. I then broke the mould and brought a Kawasaki ZXR750 (my other half’s favourite!) which I kept for quite a while before moving back to my preferred manufacturer with a Yamaha R1 (original 1998 model).

After a buying a 2009 Yamaha R1 ex race bike for track days, I decided that the bike was far too good to do just track days on, so the racing addiction started at the ripe old age of cough….mid thirty something and a bit more.

I started racing in 2012 and then came to the “best racing club” in 2013, the Bemsee paddock is a great place to be, I get a real buzz out of meeting new people that have the exact same passions as me and the majority of people get my strange sense of humour.

Outside racing I have worked in the aviation industry since leaving school, starting as an apprentice Sheet Metal Worker through to my current role of Mechanical Design Engineer.

I can be found in the paddock with the same trusty Yamaha R1 which should be easy to spot in the sea of green that is the “ZX10 Powerbike Cup”. Come and look for my take on Valentino Rossi’s FIAT Yamaha (look twice at the spelling most people miss it) so if you want to have a chat about racing, engineering, tell me a joke or hear the funny story behind the bike scheme come and say hi.

I am also one of the many fabulous Instructors at Bemsee and I really enjoy helping new people out even if they are on a Kawasaki!!