My first introduction to the Club was in 1973, I had bought my first motorbike as a means of transport when I started my first real job with Royal Mail, (the early starts meant that public transport was somewhat sparse at ridiculously early o’clock in the morning that a Postman starts). This was back in the days when you didn’t have to wear a helmet !!! I enjoyed riding so much that I thought I’d go see some bike racing at the weekend at my local track (Brands) it was whilst there watching from the grandstand at Paddock that the commentator mentioned that Marshals were always needed and I thought why not give it a try, a couple of weekends later I found myself Marshalling at Clearways with a couple of other guys who are still doing it now all these years later !!

I marshalled for the club for 10years before deciding to give racing a go myself. LC250 headbangers was the class I started with, fool that I was. My first year was “interesting” if only there had been a Buddy system working then, it would have saved me making so many mistakes. I raced with 4 different clubs, to try different circuits, but always came back to Bemsee as I liked the format, and being an ex Marshal I was always looking at the high number of orange peeps that were on corners as this give my comfort factory a big boost. The LC’s attracted a lot of would be racers I’ve raced with some big names (of their day) Terry Rymer, Neil Mackenzie, Kenny Irons, they have all thrashed me.

So when I gave up racing I moved back into orange, standing on corners and picking up my fellow racers, moving up through the Marshal structure I became a Corner Commander and then an opening showed itself for a Incident Officer so I jumped at the chance, I’ve been doing this role now for a number of years and the role has evolved over that time. The medical team who’s actions I coordinate at the accident scene on track are some of the most experienced in the country a number of riders owe their lives to their skill and dedication, of that there is no doubt, and I am very proud to be part of the team. When not involved with bike racing for the Club, I am a Ambulance Technician with St John Ambulance based at Brands so I often get to meet riders at trackdays when they come to the Med Centre or if I go to them in the gravel trap. Finally if riders have any concerns about their medical fitness to ride or a racing related injury come and see your Medical team on race day, we are here to help.