I have been involved with sidecar racing and have been a member of Bemsee for 28 years.

I started as a sidecar passenger for 17 years and competed in many levels including: Bemsee which I have been F1 & F2 champion, World Championships, Dutch Championships and British F1 Championships.

I have ridden most circuits in the UK and Europe in my travels.

Unfortunately in 2007 whilst being a passenger for Simon Gilbert I had a very big accident which ended my days of being a passenger. After many      operations and nearly losing my leg - I decided that I would like to have a go with the handlebars instead so I brought an F2 sidecar and raced in the Bemsee F2 championship and managed to finish in third place.

After a couple of years I brought F1 bike and have raced that same bike until now.

Over the past few years of riding the outfit I have been able to compete at Bemsee meetings, British F1 meetings and also some of the Dutch rounds funds permitting.

So I've gained quite a lot of knowledge over the past few years - so please feel free to come over and have chat at the meetings.