Ask not what your Club can do for you, ask what you can do for your Club…



Can you answer YES to any of these questions:

Are you almost too old to hold the bike up?

Do you ache on Monday after racing to the point you can’t move?

Has supporting the other half every race weekend led you to consider divorce?

Has racing stopped your household buying that hot-tub you’ve always promised yourself?

Do you think you look good in Black or Orange?


Bemsee has the solution for riders that need to go out to pasture or for those poor souls who have to feign unwavering support for them, add some real value back into your life  – Become a Bemsee Official!

It’s a great chance to give back to the sport we love and provide the support needed to make Bemsee meetings happen… We’ll provide, food, somewhere to sit, cups of tea and gentle conversation. In exchange you do what you’ve always loved doing – look at bikes without the strain of having to hold them up or cheer them on anymore.

(You still can do those things if you want to)

Interested? Then use the Closed-Season to get in touch and change your racing life in 2023….


We have slots for people in a wide range of areas:

Collecting Area

Contact Karen Sabine on or 07866126780

Startline Crew

Contact Chief of Startline - Jeff Matthews on or 07927 364048

Technical Department

Contact Chief Technical Official - Mark Dent on or 07831 711079


Contact Chief Marshal – Karen Higgens on or 07792 320442

Race Control

Contact President Ted McDonald on