Technical Bulletin - Secondary Engine Covers

The loss of most of the Sunday afternoon at our first Brands meeting was caused by an initial significant oil spill. The basis of that spill was an accident that ground the side of an engine casing as the bike slid into the gravel causing the internal contents to spill onto the circuit.

The particular bike concerned could have had secondary engine covers as it was a bike model for which secondary covers are made and available.

Elsewhere in our sport covers are mandatory and for some time we've considered the issue. We now feel that the moderate additional expense in setup is probably worth it - the Club avoiding chunks of content being abandoned.

So our guidance going forwards is that if your bike has secondary covers available to it on the market we would encourage you to buy and fit them. We accept there are some bikes and models for which they are not available. The Club will look at the possibility of small batch runs for common models where covers are currently unavailable.

If we therefore move to a position where 70-80% of our bikes have that level of protection we are inevitably less likely to suffer major oil delays or cancellations.

The Club strongly recommends you fit these going forward as we will mandate this in our supplementary regulations from 2019 onwards.


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