We have a service to enable those of you who are parked where it's difficult or impossible to hear the Paddock announcements to be able to pick them up on your Mobile devices.

The announcements are enabled through Mixlr - an Internet broadcast service.

Just open Internet on your Mobile by clicking this link:

Bemsee Paddock Tannoy Live

This takes you to the BemseePaddockTannoy LivePage and should work on most devices then download the Mixlr App for your device. Just select "Listen" when you get it loaded and search for BemseePaddockTannoy - remember to turn your volume up!

If you are on an Android Phone then Mixlr has an app here: Mixlr Android App

For iPhone, iPad or iPodTouch go here: Mixlr Apple App


Ensure your volume is turned up or plug-in an auxiliary speaker.

The only broadcasts will be Paddock Tannoy announcements which are made at the same time as the main Tannoy calls - you should hear these on your mobile with a 5 - 30 seconds delay after the main call is made, it takes that time for the broadcast to get to you via the Internet and Mobile networks. The Broadcast is continuous, so you shouldn't need to keep refreshing your device if it keeps an Internet connection. The BPT Livepage indicates that the Broadcast is live - so we've chosen not to play any annoying background music. Broadcast will remain silent until Tannoy annoncements are made.

So please try it, probably better than not hearing the tannoy at all. Let us know how well it works at your end.

Other Ways to Keep an eye on what's on track....

Remember we are also running TSL Live Timing, also accessible via your Mobile.

Bemsee Live Timing link is available on our event page for each meeting at the TSL Timing Website - HERE