I’ve had a lifetime’s interest in all forms of bikes and riding both off road, track, and competitive road racing. Way before I was old enough to gain a license as a 16 year old on a Garelli Tiger cross moped I’d been tearing around the land at my parents place on a variety of cobbled together bikes, that my dad put together in his garage so early seeds were sown way back when!

After quite a few years riding on the roads and track days I joined BMCRC as a rookie racer in late 2003, and competed in various classes including a year in the MRO before deciding to retire from competitive racing and become actively involved with the club as one of the race day officials, predominantly on the start line, and also training as a clerk of the course.

When I decided to stop actually racing I was determined that I wanted to continue with my club involvement given how much I had enjoyed racing with Bemsee. Although it sounds a cliché I really did want to put something back in to the sport. With that said I am delighted to be able to act as both a director and official to the club whilst at one and the same time having a keen understanding of the racers perspective. This extends to trying to assist new riders as they start in their racing career as it can be quite bewildering when you first make the decision to get out on track and have a go at what is a totally addictive and thrilling form of sport.

In my professional life I am a commercial director within the IT industry working for a US corporation, but come a race weekend you’ll find me circuit side very early in the mornings so feel free to grab me and ask away on any questions you may have and if I can help then happy to do so.