My family’s connection with BMCRC goes back to the late 1950’s when my aunt and late uncle used to marshal with BEMSEE at Silverstone. During the late 1960’s and early 1970’s my cousin Dave was one of BEMSEE’s Travelling Marshals,(this was in the days before marshals had radios, the traveling marshal cleared the circuit at the end of each race with a quick flying lap) and I started marshalling at the beginning of 1974 at the then newly revamped Snetterton.

I was elevated to the grand position of Corner Commander one day in the mid 1970’s when turning up on post there was no one in charge. Along came the Chief Marshal, looked around, eyed me up and said, “You’ve been here before, you can take charge”, and it’s been a mostly enjoyable experience ever since. My wife, Lynda, started marshaling when we started going out together, had a break while the children grew up, and returned when our son, Nick, was old enough to join us. Lynda is one of our CPO’s (child protection officers for Superteens) and Nick is now taking over as Corner Commander on the corners I used to run. Nick and my cousins son, Gary are now 3rd generation Hodgins marshals.

In 2006 I had the honour to be invited to join the Board of Directors to represent the orange side, and, when our current Chief Marshal, Ron Humphries, indicated he would like to step back a little, I was asked to learn the ropes from him. This has now got to the point where I run all things orange on race days, while Ron organizes the admin’ side of things and allocates who goes where, a system which seems to be working well.

Finally the day job. I work for an American owned aerospace company, making small rocket engines, predominately for station keeping on communications satellites, ( the things that run your GPS systems and enable your mobile phones to work). No I’m not a rocket scientist, but I do work for one and can tell you what is or isn’t rocket science!