When the Club was first formed and races were being run at the original Brooklands circuit, the sort of prizes on offer included this silver engraved medal....
This only measures 20 mm across but was solid silver and there are examples of these on display at the Brooklands Museum in the Bemsee section.
We had the images on this example hand drawn to enable us to make a modern-day metal cast version of this medal.
For 2022 we are replacing trophies with these first, second and third - gold, silver and bronze medals, each 80mm wide in a presentation green velour box. The medal includes a green lanyard ribbon with the clubs insignia. It will have a plate embedded in the back of the medal to detail the race meeting and date.
Here are the initial proofs for you to see....






We're delighted that we were able to work with our suppliers to produce something so substantial - but that has a real link with our valued past.
We hope riders agree that this becomes something well worth winning.
Supplies are on their way, and if there are no disruptions to shipping, we hope they will be available for the first round at Brands in March.