Whilst we wait to negotiate the next race meeting and where and when that might be, important now to detail the changes that we will be forced to adopt going forward in the medium term and how these things may affect your raceday experience.

We plan to survey our riders shortly to get feedback from you on your status and readyness to go racing again.


Bookings, Payments, Tickets

The Club will still be taking bookings via our online system when we get going again.

The Club will need to bring forward the payment date to assist with cash-flows as our revenues have been dormant during the lockdown. This will mean we will be taking payments for meeting bookings 3-4 weeks out rather than just 7 days. This will change once finances return to some normality.

All bookings will need to be paid in advance, declined cards will mean that you’ll need to give us different card details or we will advise you the Club’s Bank details for you to make a direct transfer online. Cash payments on the day will not now be accepted, we need to remove cash handling and the risk associated with that from what we do in Race Office.

By the same token, all entrants will receive eTickets. Paper tickets, Technical Inspection cards etc will not now be sent by post.

As before, a Race Meeting File will be published online where you will be able to view and print Timetables, Final Instructions, Paddock Plans etc

This info is also posted in the window/notice boards outside the Race Office – this is also where Grid Sheets for races and results will be posted. Results are also available online at TSL Timing as is the Live Timing service as usual. We will not be printing race results for collection in the Race Office as this helps reduce queues in there and avoids something that could be a contaminant.


At the Race Meeting:

Paddock Plans

Remember you will show your printed at home eTicket to gain access to the circuit.

Circuits and Clubs will be working hard to ensure that parking up in paddocks can be managed to ensure there is appropriate social distancing. There will be an onus on riders to ensure space is managed sensibly on this. More will follow in Final Instructions for each meeting.

With extra space in between you will find most paddocks will expand in area – you could find yourself in a position that’s unusual compared to past meetings, where the tannoy is not configured to reach easily. Remember that Bemsee has been running the Mixlr Broadcast app for tannoy announcements for a number of years now. You should ensure that is available and working on your mobile phone. More details about Bemsee Paddock Tannoy in “News” on bemsee.net


These will be restricted to single occupancy or occupancy by family members who usually reside together at home. The price for garage rent will still remain at £60 per garage. Booking requests will be done by email as usual a week prior to the meeting. A restricted area adjacent to the rear of each garage will be reserved for the occupant. The rest of the garage parking space will become general paddock parking for other riders.

Technical Inspection

You should make effort to disinfect clothing and helmets before you take your bike as usual to the Tek Bay. Your Technical Inspection Card will be waiting for you there. The officials will ask your name & race class to find the right card for you. You will stand away from your machine (please bring your own paddock stand!) and it will be inspected in the usual way. Clothing will be visually checked from a distance as will your helmet – this you will place on a table for inspectors to check from distance. Officials will sign your card and hand it to you or place it securely onto your machine (if that is your preference). You must then sign the card with your own pen and take the card to the Race Office to sign-on as before. Remember you should treat that card as a potential contaminant, so handle with disposable gloves, do not touch your face once you have handled it before washing or disinfecting your hands. It will only have been handled by one Technical Official, supporting those inspecting machines and clothing, the only official in the Bay that will be handling Tek Inspection Cards.

Race Office & Sign-on

Those of you who competed at Brands in March will remember we changed systems for sign-on for that meeting, just 2-weeks before the formal lockdown. You will bring your Technical Inspection Card and Race Licences with you to the Race Office, present both sides of each to one of our office staff by holding it up, they will tick your attendance on our sheets and you will drop the Tek card into a separate box. You will be invited to pick up a Practice Permit and a Programme and vehicle pass. That will complete your sign-on.

You will still take the Practice Permit with you to the Collecting Area when you attend your first session (usually qualifying) as before.

Remember you will have accepted the conditions relating to the Risks of Motorsport with your original online entry and your actual signature on the back of the Technical Card.

Collecting Area & Gridding Up

There are no changes to the process at the Collecting Area and proceeding to the grid as distancing is part of the protocol in these areas anyway. On the grid – if you have a problem, still raise your hand. However, the Startline Crew will not easily be able to come to listen to your problem as that will place them too close to you. In these circumstances, if you can’t resolve the problem you will be directed to push off the grid and go to a safe place for the warm-up or race to start for the rest of the grid.

Incidents OnTrack

Incidents will occur, our Medical staff, Marshals & Recovery Crews will all be wearing appropriate PPE. You will either be taken in the usual way to the Medical Centre or if uninjured, when you get up you will be directed to a safe place away from the corner Marshals where you will remain whilst the session to continues.

Your bike will be recovered either to the Tek Bay or back to the paddock as usual. Depending on the number of bikes the Recovery Unit is dealing with at the same time, you will be transported within the back of the van with your bike (if it’s just you) or transported off the circuit separately, or you will be directed by officials to walk back if you are close to accessible paddock or pitlane areas.

Medical Centre

We would ask the family & friends of riders that are taken to Medical Centre to remain in the paddock and not expect that they can visit the centre as we have allowed in the past. Information regarding the status of the rider concerned is available via the Race Office.

Race Control

Riders may sometimes wish to see the Clerk of the Course or be requested to attend Race Control after incidents. Please do not go direct to Race Control as that area will be operating with No Entry to all but authorised personnel. Should you wish to see the Clerk or if you are called to do so – please come to Race Office first, we can then manage the arrangements for you to see a Clerk.


Some classes will still have Parc-Ferme inspections after races. You will be directed into the Parc-Ferme area as you leave the circuit. Selected bikes for inspection will be required to be left with the Officials for a period of time and will be available for collection after the tests have taken place. You can’t now stay around the Technical Bay and Dyno Truck – you must retire to a safe distance and return later. Tannoy announcements will be made when bikes can be collected.

Refund Policy

The Club has observed that our refund policy if you are unable to continue the meeting needs tightening up. We will be happy to review refunds in the event you are injured but will now take the view that if you can’t continue due to mechanical failure or you can’t fix the machine after an incident then refunds will no longer be offered.

Trophy Presentations on Saturday & Catering

We expect that catering facilities at circuits will stay closed for some time – so be prepared with the food you need for yourself for the days you are at the circuit or think about how you will take meals when there in the absence of on-site provision.

We therefore do not expect to be able to hold our usual Saturday evening trophy presentations.

Trophies will be made available for collection in the Race Office as we would normally do on Sundays – for both race days.