Planning for 2018

The 2017 season ran relatively smoothly and we benefited from our plan that reduced content we were taking to certain meetings. We remain grateful to the Marshals, Medics, Officials and Recovery Crews who enable us to run the programmes we do - even when there are forced delays due to oil spills or accidents.

Our review of recent years lead us to an optimum number of classes that’s best for each circuit with an eye on ensuring the Club’s finances remain viable going forward.

In recent years our costs have increased - circuit hire charges by around 2-3% each season and we’ve added to our Medical resources and enhanced the support for our Marshals. We have now been advised that circuit hire fees at Donington and Silverstone will rise substantially for 2018. Your Board took the decision to increase entry fees in 2017 around halfway through the year and we will need to adjust that further for the coming season. We observed a drop in rider numbers compared to our expectations later in the season and consequently regard our final outcome in 2017 as tighter than we would have hoped. Remember - any extra money we see from class sponsors, we also route straight back to riders as prizes – it doesn’t go to the club’s bottom line.

The 2018 Plan

We will look to maintain the number of classes at certain meetings but increase full paying riders per grid.....The 2018 Matrix shows 10 classes at each Brands Indy round, we plan to run 10 at Snetterton 200 and believe that Donington can also take an extra class compared to 2017. By running a Matrix across 10 rounds we've been able to offer a more expansive programme than other Clubs are offering. This along with the inclusion of guest classes on 3 occasions will give us the chance of a more robust financial return in 2018 that still offers value to our Bemsee Members.

The classes that will run together for the season:

• Rookie 600 & Rookie 1000 always run together with a split start

• YPM’s grid is now an exclusive grid with the improvement of their class numbers in 2017. The folks behind this effort in the YPMs are to be congratulated on this.

• Rookie Minitwins will continue run with Thunderbike Sport. This will restrict the extra class slots available to Minitwinners within TB Sport as 2017.

• Rookie 400 will always run in with the main 400 Class.

• Blue Haze GP will run with MZs in 2018.


Online at

We will continue the Online process of releasing online booking for the first three rounds in February. Release of following rounds will give loyal riders an earlier booking window advised by email as 2017. 

If you are changing classes or bike - you need to update that info on your online profile before we can agree a race number for you. New Rookie 600 & 1000 riders - you will be able to select your number within your online profile from Tuesday 5th December. If you are a returning rider staying in your same class, you will keep your existing number. If you are looking at changing classes, please don’t assume you will keep your race number. You do need to contact Tracey on her email address -


And so to the Matrix…… the link TOP right >>>

Laps planned per day, per meeting are also shown.


Remember this Club is run by Members for Members.

So, if you have any queries or questions please contact your race office on 01708 720305 or by email or use your rider reps or Club officials to feedback anything you would like raised for consideration.

We are always happy to talk and improve where it is possible.


Tracey Ringrow, Race Secretary & Mike Dommett, CEO

Bemsee Office