Matrix planning for 2017

The last 3 years have seen us strain on occasions to deliver meetings as published. We all accept that oil down all around Cadwell, down the Hangar Straight at Silverstone and 7 x Red Flags in succession is something you can hardly allow or plan for, but that doesn’t happen everyday, everywhere.  However, there have also been occasions where lesser delays have lead to reductions in numbers and or length of races.

The latter situation has arisen partly as a result of our efforts to accommodate all of the competitors who want to race with us. Last year we were caught out by nearly 60 Thunderbike entrants and took the decision to split the class rather than turn riders away. This year we struggled with more Rookies in 600 and 1000 than expected, so found we couldn’t run them in with their respective main classes, which is how we did it in 2015. The 300 class also took off with numbers, preventing us from being able to run them with anything else.

What we’ve learnt from all this is to adopt a more controlled approach to planning and define what will happen to key classes and where classes will run together from the outset. This review of recent years lead us to an optimum number of classes that’s best for each circuit and still has the prospect of ensuring the Club’s finances remain viable going forward while offering the prospect of increased numbers of laps.

In recent years our costs have increased - circuit hire charges by around 2-3% each season and we’ve added to our Medical resources and enhanced the support for our Marshals. Yet we’ve held entry fees (our primary source of income) constant for the last three seasons. Any extra money we see from class sponsors, we route straight back to riders as prizes – it doesn’t go to the club’s bottom line.

The 2017 Plan

Reduce classes at certain meetings but increase full paying riders per grid. The 2017 Matrix has 9 less “dots” on it than 2016. This is a result of reducing content we take to Donington, Snetterton and Cadwell.

Publish in advance the classes that will run together for the season:

  • Rookie 600 & Rookie 1000 always run together with a split start – except for the first Brands.
  • YPM’s grid is supplemented by upto 15 x Two-Stroke GP’s – a separate Championship.
  • Rookie Minitwins will always run with Thunderbike Sport.

           This will significantly reduce the extra class slots available to Minitwinners within TB Sport.

  • Rookie 400 will always run in with the main 400 Class.


Control the availability of those grid slots through the online system to ensure numbers are capped and loyal customers get the option to book before others.

Guest classes are removed from the plans (possibly 1 x British F2 round, that’s all)

Implement the following class schedules:

  • Running 9 of 10 rounds:

MRO Powerbikes, MRO 600, MRO Minitwins and Ninja 300, Rookie 1000, Rookie 600

  • Running 8 of 10 rounds:

YPM/Two-Strokes, Rookie Minitwins, Thunderbike Sport, Thunderbike Extreme, 250 MZ, Formula 400 & Rookie 400, F1 & F2 Sidecars


Plan and announce the expected laps per day, per meeting in advance of the season.

Always ensure that we are mindful of the effort of our Marshals and consider the above plans in that light as well.

And so to the Matrix 2017 (see download on this page) - Laps planned per day, per meeting are also shown


Remember this Club is run by Members for Members.

So, if you have any queries or questions please contact your race office on 01708 720305 or by email or use your rider reps or Club officials to feedback anything you would like raised for consideration. We are always happy to talk and improve where it is possible.