The Team Green Junior Cup – BSB Supported Ride and £10,000 Prize Fund for 2018!

Tried & Tested Youth Racing - The way to go for young riders seeking cost effective and fair competition

This Series is the perfect start for young riders before they transition to higher National competition.

Kawasaki's "Team Green" is an overarching brand to support all its racing activities. So the successful Kawasaki Junior Cup became THE TEAM GREEN JUNIOR CUP and now moves into its seventh season with bigger support from Kawasaki & the ACU.

A Prize Fund of £10,000 will be on offer, £4.5k shared between the Series winners from the ACU and £5.5k that will be distributed to all riders based on performance & presentation throughout the season with Spot Prizes at each round.

Announcement: BSB SuperSport300 supported ride prize added to Team Green Junior Cup at Bemsee


The Team Green Junior Cup moves into its 7th successful year still offering riders and parents a cost-efficient entry into two-wheeled Motorsport.

Focus on this class has intensified recently with the BSB announcement of a Junior SuperSport competition for 2018.

 Bemsee and Kawasaki now announce that in addition to the £10k prize fund available within the Team Green Junior Cup the overall 2018 winner will also receive the opportunity to move on with a supported ride in Junior SuperSport at BSB in 2019.

This will set the rider up with a new race-ready Ninja 400 with series entry fees paid.

The Bemsee Series will feature at nine of the 2018 BMCRC dates taking in some of the best circuits in the UK – Brands Hatch GP, Cadwell, Donington, Snetterton and Silverstone International amongst them.

This is the longest running Junior 4-stroke Championship in the Uk on the big circuits – easy to ride, easy to run and maintain, sealed engines for all for fair competition. The Club recognised the potential advent of the Supersport form of 300s long ago -so the basic and affordable version of the 300 is the ideal start point for Novice riders in the knowledge that there's now a progression in the sport in the Uk on similar machines.

The key here is Mentoring and Coaching - Bemsee has over 30 ACU accredited Club Coaches and they are available to Instruct new riders from the outset and guide them throughout the season.

There’s also a full parts, suspension and technical support service for riders at each Bemsee round. So parents don’t need to be experienced mechanics to get involved.

The Team Green Junior Cup is where you’ll get all the support and guidance you’ll need…if you are a novice rider, we will help you get your ACU Race Licence sorted out…there’s a race school for you in February at Brands Hatch…you’ll be allocated one of our trained ACU Club Coaches for the season and there are prizes on offer throughout the season from Kawasaki.

This is the grass-roots of racing – where the Champions of the future will come from.

For an info pack and help in finding a race bike email:


Shown here: Charlie Farrer - TGJC Champion 2017

The bike is quick, nimble and safe and a responsive easy ride….here’s Ivan, Father of Ryan Folkes who joined the Series in 2013 jumping from his 80cc Metrakit bike who then won the 2014 Series:

“I was concerned at first that the move would be too big a jump for Ryan, he’s not the biggest of lads! I needn’t have worried – he took to the 300 straight away and praised its handling and smooth power delivery when compared to any of the 2-strokes he’d been riding. Can’t get him off it now and for me, well I just change the oil now as that’s all you have to do with these bikes, giving me more time to make sure he’s confident and enjoying himself. Along with the friendship and camaraderie in the paddock at Bemsee it’s the best thing we’ve ever done together by far”.

Build Your Own Bike!

Your Ninja 300 bike can be sourced second hand race-ready – ask for details of what’s available by email to

Or you can find a second hand Road going bike and do the race conversion yourself or via one of our specialist suppliers. We can supply all the Race conversion parts.

This coupled with a full spares facility available at every meeting and technical guidance and advice on-hand at all times, makes the Series a perfect package for riders and parents alike. The ACU approved these bikes to be rated to 37bhp (our rules cap them under this) and they can be ridden by Novice Licence holders from 13 years onwards (18 years is the upper age limit in this Series)

Since 2012 the Series has delivered great racing with some thrills and a few spills. We found the bikes coped well with all that was thrown at them, they crash well and repairs were easy and affordable.

A Series of this type has to be built on some key elements, all of which have been proven over the last few seasons –

  • Affordability – The basic price of the machines has delivered an ideal race spec bike that has held a good resale value for teams who have chosen to sell their bikes and move to other classes. Entry fees and tyres have been the only extra elements, all of which have been competitive.
  • Reliability – The engines are bullet-proof, there’s been no major engine failures, all parents have needed to do is change the oil and replace the odd lever or fairing panel.
  • Fairness – BMCRC has reacted to any issues raised by parents quickly & positively. The quality of policing of the Series has been a real focus. The fairness of the Series is grounded by each race engine being sealed before supply, along with a seal on the electrical IC units on each bike. There are no modifications that can be done on these bikes that can evade detection.
  • Competition – the performance of each bike is the same as the next. It’s the rider that will make the difference in this Series and the best of them will win out.
  • Advocacy- we invite parents to ask to speak about any aspect of the Series to our existing customers, don’t just take our word for it, don’t just listen to others – ask those who really know – those who have experienced the NJC for themselves. Just ask, we will put you in touch with other riders and parents.
  • Mentoring & Training –BMCRC meetings have Friday testdays, we offer a cohort of experienced ACU Club Coaches who are available for FREE mentoring and coaching of our younger riders. This is all part of an extensive Rookie rider package offered at the Club.

To find out more about the Team Green Junior Cup for 2018, how to find a second hand bike where available, or to dicuss converting a road-going bike youself, or via one of our specialist Bike Builders– email and request an info pack for the 2018 Series.

The Team Green Junior Cup 2018 – Fair, affordable, reliable & competitive – come and join the youth racing scene of the future – that’s here now!