Sponsors at Bemsee in 2019

We've been busy behind the scenes working to develop sponsorship opportunities for a range of companies for this season and we are delighted to announce that the vast bulk of sponsors who were there last season are continuing into 2019.

Riders may be aware that all sponsorship contributions that Bemsee receives is passed on directly to riders most commonly through the use of spot prizes on the Saturday evening prize giving as well as year-end prizes and in some cases vouchers for the sponsors products.

When we add up the total value of sponsorship contributions for 2019 it is £32,000

Here’s the list of all our sponsors by class. We thank them for all of the support as we know that any contribution towards the cost of racing is gratefully received by riders....

L&W Contractors – Rookie 600 & 1000

RKB Motorsport – Club Sidecars

Brietennbach-Rennsport – Club Sidecars

Reactive Parts – MRO Powerbikes

Racebuykz.com - MRO Clubman 1000

Team Respro – MRO 600

MSS Performance - MRO Clubman 600

Properly Protected – MRO Minitwins & Rookie Minitwins

Steve Jordan Motorcycles - BMCRC Thunderbikes

DFDS – Yamaha Past Masters

Chilton Motors – 250 MZs

EDIasia - Formula 400 inc Sub-64 and Rookies

Kawasaki – Team Green Junior Cup & Senior Ninja Series

ACU – Team Green Junior Cup

Rod Harwin Racing - "Rider of the Day" at each meeting

A&R Racing - "Rookie of the Day" at each meeting


There are still a couple of slots for support still available. Any interested company or individual should contact mikedommett@hotmail.com in the first instance to understand the package of support that the Club can offer to its sponsors and advertisers.