The Club plans to run Sidecar Taxi rides during the lunch periods over both days at our final Brands Hatch Indy meeting on 6-7th October.

Funds raised are in support of the BMCRC Benevolent Fund.

Sidecar riders are invited to offer their outfits in support over both days, attached is the form you should use to declare your machine’s involvement.

(You can bring a machine to do the Taxi Rides - even if you are not entering the meeting)

Top Right is the passenger application form and Passenger Info. Each passenger needs to submit a form (with donation) in advance, in order that we can plan each day. Please ensure you do this as it’s not possible to accommodate people that just turn up on the day.

Happy to receive pdf scans back by email (please - no pics of forms from your phone) to or just post them.

Passengers will need to be wearing full kit that will be checked by technical officials.

There will be a restriction on number of passengers to 30 for each lunchtime - applications will be processed on a first come basis.

We will be joined on the weekend by six of the "Bears" Sidecar outfits, promoting their cheap to enter class they run at British Historic meetings - just for the Taxi rides at lunchtime.

We hope as many teams as possible can support this initiative to benefit an important fund that does much to support fallen Bemsee riders behind the scenes.