Revisions to Rookie & Clubman qualification for 2021 Championships


With all the difficulties of this year we have been reviewing the eligibility qualification for Rookies & Clubman in our various championships.

For Rookies, the normal criteria is that if a rider has done three or more full meetings in their first year then we suggest they move up to their next level – Clubman.

This isn't always the case and we do look at riders on a case-by-case basis on occasion. If somebody has had injury or bike difficulties then that can be a mitigating factor in allowing people to roll over and continue as a Rookie in the following season.

As this year has been so difficult in many ways - a shortened season and much more financial pressure on most people - we have taken the decision to advise all our Rookie competitors in 2020 - if you wish to retain your Rookie status for our championships in 2021 you may do so.

It's still possible if you wish to move up to the Clubman class for example in C600 or C1000 but you are not bound to do so.

For Clubman - Similarly, riders who finish in the top 3 in our Clubman championships the this season will not be forced to move up and will be allowed to retain their Clubman status into the following season in the same championship.