Our online entry system is now live.

We have a few changes built into the system for this season. When you login you will see a new screen that invites you to check your details and update your profile to include which is your main class and second class if you have one. You can go to this area and make changes to your information now. Just click "My Profile" at the top RH side

You will find we have also removed the “book all year button” from the entry form. Whilst this was convenient for riders we found many instances towards the end of last season where people had forward booked and then forgot. Their choice to withdraw from meetings sometimes did not come to light until we had taken payments. Administratively difficult and in some cases prevented other riders from being able to enter those late meetings well enough in advance. In the main the Bemsee office coped but it did involve a lot of calling around and emailing, so we needed a solution...

This season you will be able to book up to the first three meetings initially. Those of you who do the first meeting will get an advanced chance to book the 4th before any other riders. We will release your chance to book the next one on a meeting by meeting basis as we go through the season. This will ensure that riders who are focusing on their championships will be able to book in advance of any other rider looking to do a future meeting as a one off. We will advise you of how much time you have to book your next meeting before the window opens to others by email.

Otherwise the booking system remains as it has been for the last couple of years. And remember we don’t process the payments for test days and meetings until seven days out from the event.

When you’re logged in you can check your info by clicking “My Profile” at the top of the homepage. In the green box on the RH side in My Profile you can edit anything about your bikes - next of kin - address details, etc - you can also access links to your eTickets for MSV circuits when they are released in advance of each meeting. You can also check your forward bookings and access receipts for those you’ve already done. You can make amendments now.

If you have any difficulty using the site and the online entry system do contact the office on 01708 720305 as we can usually help and guide you.