Bemsee has been running the successful team Green Junior Cup since 2012 using Kawasaki Ninja machines. The recent introduction of the brand new Ninja 400 from Kawasaki will give this series a new boost for 2019.

Bemsee technicians have been working on how best to make adjustments to the out-of-the-box performance of the 400 so that it can run alongside the existing Ninja 300 bikes in the current Junior & Senior series. There was excitement when a black 400 rolled out onto the circuit for testing in race conditions over the club's Cadwell weekend in mid-August. This machine featured the first draft of technical adjustments that enabled its output to match the 300 almost exactly. The Club was delighted to find that the performance of the new bike was indeed almost exactly in line with the lead riders on the current 300s. Test Rider Harry Fowle, a former Ninja 300 rider pushed the bike to its limit at the front of the field. On-site dyno analysis and feedback from the rider confirmed that the initial settings were very accurate.

One of the key benefits of this strategy for the development of young talent in the UK is that the Kawasaki 400 is becoming the bike of choice at the BSB SuperSport series where this bike is eligible. The introduction of this machine for club level racing enables young talent to be developed through the Bemsee Rider Development scheme where they receive free coaching and mentoring. Parents then also have the option to adjust the very same machine for it to advance into the national series if the rider proves good enough - thus protecting their original investment. We would expect that race-ready 400s will also enjoy good second-hand value as the 300s have done. The Club and Kawasaki through the Team Green initiative has long thought that affordability for parents and teams is the key for longer term growth of young talent in our sport.

In conjunction with Kawasaki and other suppliers the Club has now finalised a package for new Ninja 400 race machines. As was achieved with the 300, the intention is to enable parents and teams to be able to buy and ride a new 400 as a race ready option for 2019.


The race-ready price for a new 400 will be £6200.00 + VAT !!!

That’s slightly cheaper than we were able to supply the original 300 package for.


The Spec includes: New Kawasaki Ninja 400 Bike - K-Tech front & rear race suspension - Arrow race exhaust system - Power Commander - Race Rearsets - Clip-ons - Full set of Race Fairing inc screen - race Chain - Shark Fin - HEL Brake Lines - Set of Sprockets - Engine Covers set - Rainlight - Bridgestone Tyres - full bike build inc lockwire at MSS.


There's optional extras:

H&M Quickshifter & the H&M Dashboard

We are allowing the quickshifter within the series as an option for all bikes in 2019.


The bike is of course, available for Senior riders as well at the same deal!

Full info pack now available for 2019.....

For further info:

Mike Dommett, CEO

The British Motorcycle Racing Club

Tel: 07970 963572, Office 01708 720305