BMCRC Membership Renewal & ACU Licence Renewal for 2021 - NOW LIVE

If you already have an online profile set up then just log-in and CLICK HERE:......

2021 Bemsee Membership Renewal

Once you’ve bought Bemsee Membership online - The site will email your 2021 ACU unique code back to you which you can then use to renew your Race Licence also on-line at the ACU’s site. HERE - That process will also require registration, but once you’ve done all this you can just log-in when you return to use their site again in the future.

Should you need to renew your eye-test or need to use a paper version of the ACU Licence form then a downloadable version is on this page - top Right. Page 2 features the eye test – it advises the optician what test is required and you should get your optician to stamp this part of the form.

Existing Riders - Licence Renewal

If you wish to send a paper Licence Renewal to the ACU, you can - although the ACU will charge an extra £3 for a paper renewal now. Just add the code we send you onto the back page of the Licence Renewal Form, to prove you’ve joined the Club. You do not need to send it to us for stamping/signing. 

If you are required to update any info, your eye-test for example - then the ACU will hold issuing your Licence until you have provided that. There is a facility within the Licence renewal section of the ACU website for you to upload and submit documents, or you can post them to the Licence Department.

If you are upgrading your Licence at this time, then you will just need to submit the associated results sheets for each of your 10 qualifying races. We suggest you take a copy and send them by post to the ACU as this is a lot to upload online. There is no longer a requirement for the original Collecting Card to be completed and signed.


New Riders for 2021

As you need to go through the CTC-BRA Course before you can get your new Licence, the code mentioned above should be added to page 4 of your ACU 2021 Licence Application Form.  This you can send to us once you have also completed your eye-test (bottom of p2)

You will also need to book a CTC- BRA Course  - Bemsee Courses now FULLY BOOKED - Check other operators on the ACU Website here:




If you are not sure about the detail on Membership or Licence renewal - or what to do if you are upgrading your Licence at this time, give the office a call on 01708 720305, we are here to help.


Meeting Entries for 2021....New Riders - setting up your Profile

For Riders, this website makes Testday and Meeting Entry simple - all you will need to do to be ready for the 2021 season is Register on the site. Just go to the "Register" button at the top right of the site and follow the process. If you've been with the Club before - you already have a profile established.

Here you can enter all the usual details that you would put on a paper entry form - Name & address details, Next of Kin, bike, transponder, class and payment info. These will all be saved and held so when you enter a meeting, we will already know who you are and your associated info. When you return to the site just log-in again for the site to recognise you – a tip: If you tick “remember me” on the log-in page, the site will always log you in on the computer you use when you return to

Click on your "My Profile" at the top of the homepage when logged in - that will take you straight to all your info.

Any Card details you add when doing a payment are held away from the site securely by WorldPay and we ask them to take payments for meetings and testdays on the Friday one week out from the event. The site will email you a confirmation and a receipt every time.

Meeting entries for the first 2021 round will go live on the site in February (when Gvernment restrictions allow the event) - riders will be emailed the details in advance.

There will be opportunities to have your bike checked for compliance for the 2021 season, the Dyno facility will be available (weather permitting) at the Rookie School at Brands on Saturday 3rd April, usual place at garage 33-34.


As you look around the site, let us know if you have problems using it on any platform (it works well on Mobile devices too) and drop us an email or call the office on 01708 720305.