New for 2024:

The Team Green Kawasaki Series Grid – incorp: TGJC/Seniors and JSS

(Update on Junior SuperSport as of 20 October)

Bemsee has concluded conversations with Kawasaki this month and agreed the formulation of a new grid for 2024 that brings together all Kawasaki machines targeted at youth riders. This will provide appropriate stepping stones from the age of 13-18 on the existing Team Green 300 or 400 Ninja twins to 14-22 on the existing Junior Supersport bikes used at BSB and 15 to 20 on the new ZX-4RR.

The existing Senior Series within the Team Green grid on Ninja 300-400s will continue for riders aged 19 onwards.

The plan is to create The Team Green Kawasaki Series - incorporating Team Green Junior Cup & Seniors and Junior SuperSport.

The grid will be exclusively Kawasaki bikes and is endorsed and supported by Kawasaki and will include tyre support and prizes through Dunlop, which will be the control tyre for the whole grid.

MSS will also continue to provide Ninja 400s for the TGJC/Senior grid through Bemsee at a next-to-cost deal and will also enable purchase of ZX-4RR machines for use at Bemsee.

The support package for the TGJC/Seniors will continue – the Juniors are an ACU Championship and there are year-end prizes and spot prizes at every round. Kawasaki will offer a discount package to the winner of the TGJC Championship for the new ZX-4RR Series at BSB in 2025. Other discount support will be offered to riders finishing in the top 6 for their plans into 2025 – if they continue on Kawasaki machines.

Support for the Junior SuperSport part of the grid will be announced shortly. This will be run at Bemsee as a separate Championship within the new Team Green Grid. This provides BSB JSS riders with an option to run their bikes at club level with a view to moving back to National level with support in 2025.

Now youth riders have options at each age level and can compete within the same grid. This will enhance the community already established at Bemsee for these classes by bringing all our youth riders together. The current Bemsee Rider Development programme will continue to offer FREE mentoring and instruction on the Friday Testdays from our pool of over 25 ACU Club Coaches to all these riders.

The aim is a cost-efficient environment for parents of young riders - so they can gain instruction and support and maximise their tracktime to improve their skills.

All these bikes can enjoy an extra class option at the Club each weekend in either the F400 grid or our *Thunderbike Sport grids for just £90 for the whole weekend in addition to your entry fee in your main class. So the amount of tracktime available to riders can be as much as 2 x qual sessions + 8 races each weekend.


Ross Burridge at Kawasaki said “we are delighted to extend our relationship with Bemsee, established as long back as 2012 with the TGJC – we now have machines that are best in class for every age range 13-22 and it’s great to have an environment where we can bring this all together”

Mike Dommett, CEO at Bemsee said “We have the chance to offer a slot for every youth rider looking to develop their talent and in conjunction with our long-term partner, Kawasaki we can make this happen in 2024”

(*not inc the ZX-4RR)                                                                                                                 October 2023