GP2 and EVO at Bemsee in 2023

Bemsee intends to continue its support of innovation in this area and we are happy for bikes that are in line with British GP2 regulations to score points within this year’s new Evo class – not restricted to Triumph engines only. So effectively all bikes that feature these innovations are welcome to join this separate Evo class that will run within the MRO 600 grid – they will compete for a single, separate “BMCRC EVO Championship”

We are happy to consider approaches from riders with such machines on a case by case basis.

This may indeed provide space for current BSB GP2 riders to get track time at Bemsee events. Established BSB riders are welcome but will not score in the Bemsee EVO Series. (unless in first full year of BSB competition)

This new EVO series is designed to give riders keen to develop their knowledge and understanding of competing on a geometry based motorcycle…..

EVO is the stepping stone that is needed at club level - the cost of a full GP2 bike is prohibitively expensive for a rider that has not had experience in running a geometry based bike. There's no question that GP2 will continue as a core class in our sport and has the potential to become extensive at BSB and beyond at World level.  Evo at Bemsee is your way into competing on this type of bike and your way into learning about geometry adjustment at an affordable level. So it's aimed at riders who are keen to compete on machines that will become the core future of our sport but do it now, at an effective entry level cost…..cutting their teeth on all this early before it becomes entirely mainstream for bike sport in the future

EVO reduces the cost of racing this type of bike at Club level.

Through Tony Scott’s programme the specification requires only a 675 Gen 3 or a 765 ST-RS (Stock Chassis, stock engine and electronics) fitted with geometry parts to compete. You also have the option of fitting a 765RS engine into the earlier Gen 3 Daytona chassis.

The geometry parts required are as follows:

Adjustable yokes- adjustable rear suspension linkage. Non-OEM linkage pates-Swing Arm inserts- adjustable Rake Angle. All supplied at affordable costs

Basing the machine on stock engines and frames reduces engine refreshes to 2 per season whilst still maintaining a competitive edge, (at National level this is a potential cost saving of circa 50k for leading Teams. 

Bottom Line: A good Club level EVO bike will cost circa £10.5k

…..But we are not excluding already developed GP2 machines.

The principle has been proven at GP2 level and by Cam Harris at MRO Supersport. To be clear - EVO is an entry level bike to GP2, one that allows the fitting of factory kit parts to the stock chassis, whilst also offering the option to upgrade the chassis to full protype and continue the use of the parts already fitted.

Riders can now get ahead of the game by learning about how to set up and compete on a geometry based motorcycle.  

For the 675: The series is open to riders with a minimum age of 16 who possess a valid National ACU or SACU license, or a Novice - Clubman license if over 17.

For the 765: The series is open to riders with a minimum age of 17 who possess a valid National ACU or SACU license, or a Novice - Clubman license if over 18.


The ethos of the series. 

Here at TSM we believe that the ongoing cost of tuning and refreshing engines is getting too costly, we also believe and have proven in GP2, that a relatively stock engine can be used to produce similar lap times if the chassis is tuned instead. The GP2 EVO and Street EVO series is all about exploring that option with a direct view on preparing riders and bikes for GP2 & GP2 EVO at BSB. 

Until now the kind of geometry parts required to tune a chassis have not been permissible in UK racing, primarily due to being bound by the words ‘homologated manufactures part’, however due to Bemsee’s foresight and our development, we have now changed that and can present a new way of going racing. I sincerely hope you will enjoy the benefits of EVO racing and help us show the world how it’s done.

Whilst an EVO bike must consist of a stock chassis and swing-arm, it is allowed to use a custom rear suspension linkage that is both adjustable and far better for the purposes racing, the series also uses adjustable offset yokes, rake angle adjusters and swing-arm offsets.  These items open a new world of motorcycle set-up, one that uses chassis programs to give you detailed information on your bike’s geometry configuration, but it does require a good understanding of geometry to operate effectively.  So, to assist we will have a chassis and suspension engineer on hand at every round to help you learn and understand this, we are going to give you the knowledge to take control of your suspension and geometry set-up by taking your knowledge and your ability to make the right changes to a whole new level, a must for those with aspirations of making a career out of racing.  For everyone else, we will introduce you to a new level of motorcycle handling and a great understanding of why! 

As the series develops, we will look at the regulations frequently and adjust accordingly.


2023 Regulations are here - CLICK HERE