BG Products Special Offer for Bemsee Members in 2019...

BG Products are US based oil and fuel cleaning products, ideal for your van or truck but can also have potential for improving the performance of race engines.

You can find full details of the BG Product range & Services and the Special Offer HERE: BG Products Bemsee Offer

The BG PowerPack is available for £21.95 - saving £18 on RRP!

NEW: CASE STUDY on the BG Products Engine Performance Concentrate - see Top Right 

BG Products are from Kansas, USA, where they are regarded as specialists in maintaining vehicle performance. The company have developed world leading products such as BG44K, renowned for its ability to restore the power and economy of car engines. Formed in the US in 1972, BG Products have been available in Great Britain since 1999.
BG’s preventative maintenance products focus on the key areas of combustion and lubrication. Scheduled pour-in treatments restore and maintain the cleanliness of the very fine spray holes in injectors. This allows the injectors to meter fuel to the level of accuracy that is vital for efficiency and power. Other treatments increase horsepower by restoring compression, with improvements commonly in excess of 4%.