We always try to have an eye on the safety of our riders both on and off the track. To that end the Club is adding back protectors as a requirement at your clothing check for 2019 onwards.

Other clubs already have this requirement in place and advice from our medical services personnel suggest that it ought to be a no-brainer for every rider. We note that maybe 80% or more of you already regard this as part of your essential kit.

We won't be stipulating the specific product that you have to buy but as long as you use a back protector from a recognised manufacturer you'll be in the right area.

The foam insert in the back of your leathers is not an adequate back protector you do need a separate unit.

Our view is a back protector should also be used in conjunction with air suits as there is potential for rear impact prior to any inflation.
Riders who have specific reasons why they cannot wear a back protector will be reviewed by the CMO on a case by case basis. We would suggest people in this situation email the office directly so that we can discuss and deal with this privately in advance of the season starting.
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A Pizza box stuffed down your leathers won't cut it.