Tracey Ringrow, The Greatest Race Secretary in the World

The Club makes an announcement today that heralds the end of an era, our beloved race secretary Tracey Ringrow has chosen to retire at the end of this 2023 season.

She has been a constant presence in the running of the club for many years had a huge influence in the changes that we've seen in the running of the business and how we have liaised and helped racing customers in recent years.

She has been involved in the world of Bike Racing since 1979, working originally for the Southern 67 Racing Club as the telephone operator keeping in touch with the Marshals posts around the circuit. Following S67’s demise, she worked for Kent Racing Combine (KRC), doing the same job. One of KRC’s race secretaries then became BMCRC’s CEO and she was approached to work at their meetings in the Paddock Office. That was in 1988 – she’s been in the Race Office ever since! Her career at Bemsee began as a voluntary weekend job and then a part time job at the BMCRC office in 2000. When the previous incumbents left in 2006, she became full time Race Secretary as part of the new team along with Mike Dommett. Racing is a big part of her life and has been now for 30+ years.

We will not lose contact; you will find her at race meetings…as a volunteer in 2024.


Our New Race Secretary is…Claire Hodgins


Here, in her own words….

In the late 80s, early 90s I attended meetings as Dad, Uncle Martin and Uncle David were marshalling. Mum would jump Nick and me over the fence at the end of the meeting so we could walk down the track with Dad

In 2011 I chose to join the rest of the family marshalling, best decision I ever made! Marshalling with Mum, Dad and Nick, and my extended Bemsee family was just what I needed. It was also the year I met my other half after he crashed with me at Mountain Bottom at Cadwell!

In 2013 I trained as a corner commander/IO, terrified initially but actually turned out to be quite good at it!

Between 2011-2017 depending on the circuit we were at and how many marshals we had, I would occasionally help in other areas when they were short of people. I helped in Race Control at Snetterton and Cadwell doing the race log, and in race office (mostly doing photocopying and making tea!). I’ve enjoyed seeing how all the different areas of the Club work, and how each area affects the others (having a racer as a partner has also meant I see it from the other side as well!)

In 2017 I fell pregnant, as Andy was racing and we were still going to the meetings anyway I continued to marshal for the 2017 season as I wasn’t due until December, but as the year went on, I had to switch from pick up to flags!

From then until now I’ve gradually increased my involvement within the race office. Despite finances preventing Andy from racing currently I knew I still wanted to continue to help at Bemsee whenever I could and being in the office has given me the chance to do that. I enjoy seeing the meeting from a different perspective, and I like to think my experience in helping in other areas gives me a good understanding from all sides. And my family history with the Club means I want nothing more than to continue a long tradition of Hodgins being a part of Bemsee.


The transition is running smoothly and Tracey will retire from the role on the 31st December with Claire becoming the official BMCRC Race Secretary from January 1st 2024.

Please join us in thanking Tracey for her many years of commitment and service to the club, and also wishing Claire all the best in this amazing role.