Bemsee has been approved by the ACU to run CTC/BRA courses at its test weekend on Friday & Saturday 17th & 18th July at Brands Indy.

If you've been itching to get into racing now is the time to apply for a slot on the course and get your Race Licence. You will then be ready to race as we will be resuming full operations from August at Cadwell - Donington in September and Brands GP in October.

Now is the time to book on the course and get your ACU licence sorted out - you can CLICK HERE to book a slot. Hurry – as we are limiting it to just 10 riders because of social distancing restrictions.




Your CTC Classroom course will be conducted in advance of the weekend via a live Zoom call, there will be a test paper to complete and return at the end of the presentation. We will advise the details once you have signed-up for the course. At the weekend - the lunch time period will be used to evaluate you on circuit and give you the chance to experience some practice starts in real time. You will be allocated to an Instructor with group size at a maximum of 4.

In our Starting Racing section CLICK HERE you will find a link to the 2020 ACU licence application form. This you need to complete - including the eye test that shown on page 2. (NOTE: if opticians are not open by that time, we will do a simple test at the circuit with you) Get yourself a passport photograph and clip that to it. Register on the site and buy your 2020 membership, add the code we give you to p4. Bring that all with you on the day. If you ride a bike on the road – bring a copy of your DVLA Licence as well.

We will contact you with details on where to go and timings etc by email nearer the time.