The Bemsee Board has spent some time considering how we recognise Championships in this restricted 2020 season.
For those riders who are in a position to be able to afford to race in our remaining events in 2020 the maximum number of rounds anyone can do is 4 - including the March Brands round that we were able to get away before Lockdown.
At best it's only half a season and and the financial constraints of the pandemic have left many riders in a situation where they cannot afford to compete in a Championship - something out of their control.
Our 2020 Championship winners will deserve some recognition though - The Board has decided therefore to celebrate the 2020 Championship winners with the publication of a year end set of Championship tables with the winners receiving a Championship trophy.
As we have previously announced there is to be no formal dinner dance and prize-giving event this season and so our annual trophies (the ones riders keep for just the year) will not be awarded in 2020.
We plan to produce a a Championship award for each winner and arrange to post that with any relevant sponsor cheques after the closed season.
The Board felt on balance this was a reasonable and appropriate approach to a difficult situation.
In Addition:
Rookies in our 2020 Championships will be allowed to retail Rookie status and re-enter their respective rookie series in 2021.
Those who finish in the top 3 of the Clubman 600 and 1000 Championships will be allowed to retain Clubman status and re-enter their respective Clubman competitions again in 2021.