I started racing back in 2011 where I did my Rookie season on an SV650 in Minitwins with Bemsee, Since then I have dabbled in and out of the MiniTwin series and the Formula 400s both with Bemsee.
In 2014 it soon became apparent that I was much better at building/preparing race bikes than what I was at riding them when my rookie girlfriend Monica Isaac overtook me at Oulton Park.
Since then I have spent the majority of my time in the Paddock spannering for her rather than riding myself. Along with the occasional Tech Inspection duties when I’m not too busy fixing whatever Monica or other members of the paddock have broken. (I’m always happy to help where I can).
My passion is building race bikes and keeping them to a competitive standard. I am a huge fan of anything Motorcycle related.  I manage a Motorcycle shop in Surrey,  Where I do most of my tinkering.