Gary Jarman, trained as a mechanic, now working for BT fleet lives in Reading.

I started riding when I was 16 had a FS1E & it used to do 60mph "honest" My claim to fame? being pulled up on the FS1E by a copper who said "who do you think you are, Barry Sheene?" Then went through a few more bikes, YB100, CB360, & a 400 four, Family came along so had a bit of a rest never did bother to take my test until 1991 "you could get away with it them days" Passed my test in 1991 on a cb125 twin, then went power mad, Honda V65 Sabre, ZZR1100, ZZR1200, ZX12R,  R1 cross plane crank numerous two strokes & now own a MV Agusta F4 1078RR

Married to Kim, have three daughters, Charlotte, Sophie & Emma.

Started racing in 2010, "along with Emma" & had my first F400 race at Snetterton on my birthday at the ripe old age of 51 riding a KR1S, We had done a few trackdays, Nurburgring & the IAM course, & to be honest thought we would run "mid pack" Oh my god how wrong were we! we were lapped by lap six by the front runners, returning to the camper van Emma & myself looked at each other & said "where did they come from" but that was it we were hooked, We made steady progress throughout the year, I eventually gave up with the KR1 & purchased a zxr 400 which seems to be the most popular weapon of choice.

Emma won F400 rookie of the year I came 37th out of 56 & was pleased with that. 2011 was a better year, we sorted both bikes I finished 19th Emma finished 11th I was voted 400 rider of the year by the 400 riders "well chuffed" & also came second in the seniors (smell of wee) cup & received the trophy that adorns my head in the picture.

I was also asked to take over as 400 rep, as the long standing rep Phill Polden was standing down after numerous years at the pointy end, After a couple of seasons racing with the 400 riders I felt honored to be asked,& look forward to helping anyone that needs it.

The 400's are an ideal way of getting into racing as the bikes are relatively cheap, the grid is normally full, & the racing is great all the way down the grid, you will also be racing with a great bunch who are always willing to help & there's normally enough spares around the paddock to get you back out if you have any problems.

Please contact me if you have any questions, or come along & say hello, the kettle's always on.