2019 is now 12 years since I started racing MiniTwins with Bemsee. I hold a National ACU licence (Road Rider), Novice Sidecar Passenger license and have held a Mountain Course (TT) license in the past (I did the Manx GP in 2012 running a stock SV and in 2013). I’ve been involved as a MiniTwin rep in one way or another for most of that time.

I bought an SV1000 as my first bike in 2006, did my first trackday in September that year on the thou. I raced for half of my rookie season in MiniTwins in 2007, when I was 27 (hence my race number). I’m just over 6ft, so the SV650 is a better choice for me than the 400 because it is not as cramped (it’s also cheaper to buy and run!). I now have a 2010 pointy with Ducati 1098 fairing.

I’m an instructor for Bemsee and have been able to help many people on their racing careers for about 9 years during rookie school and on test days associated with a race weekend. I have marshalled on the startline and ‘in the field’ and enjoyed it very much. It’s a good way to learn your flags and see how to deal with racing situations from a technical and practical perspective. It also helps to see what is expected of you as a rider. Bemsee has an awesome army of marshals, medics and officials, all of whom make me feel very comfortable on track and are a big reason that I have stayed with this club and as a full member for so many years.

In addition to racing, I run the MiniTwin and Bemsee MiniTwin facebook pages. I’ve been involved with Londonbikers.com and Hertfordshire Biker Magazine and regularly been to many rideouts and bike meets. I go to MotoGP, WSB and BSB events and the Isle of Man TT and GP. For over ten years I commuted into London on my second bike, an 07 ZX10. I’ve owned KTM and Kawasaki single cylinder dirt bikes to do some off-roading. I now live in Greenwich in London zone 2/3 so the commute isn’t as long and biking is now more fun over function.