My name is Dave, and I’ve been involved with motorbikes for as far back as I can remember (which is a long way). My first ever bike at the tender age of 10 was a box of bits, which transformed into a James Captain.
From there I progressed over the years through plenty of different bikes. 2 strokes in the 70’s-80’s, then up to 4 stroke and my final road bike Suzuki GSXR750. 
In 2014 I attended a Bemsee meet at Snetterton where I decided to give racing a go and bought my MZ250 in January 2015. In April I raced my first meet at Snetterton 300. By the end of my 1st season, I came 3rd place in the over 50’s. 
In 2016, I upgraded to a Yamaha TZR250 and joined the Yamaha Past Masters gang. The bigger bike suited me better, and by the end of 2017 season came 5th in the YPM Clubman.
2018 has brought me to the madness of Blue Haze and an awesome gang of people. We’ve had plenty of spills, thrills, laughter, giggles and banter. But most of all we’ve built friendship and we all chip in together, fixing bikes, encouraging one another and consoling one another when things don’t quite go to plan! 
Roll on 2019!!!! Can’t wait to see you all, old and new faces