I started racing way back when in 1990 on two strokes in what was then proddie 250 class, racing TZR250, KR1-S's and then RGV's with Bemsee, New Era and BRC.

Reasonable results where achieved on the bikes when they stayed together but in 1991 a massive crash at Brands ended the season due to budget rather than injury.

Good intentions and again budget meant Dave didn't return to racing until 1999 when he had a couple of exploratory outings on an R6 is SS600 at the end of the season.

For 2000 I moved to SS400 on a bog stock RVF and did a full season with BMCRC. I continued to race RVFs from 2001 to 2004
winning the Nationwide Clubman Championship in 2003 along with a 2nd place in the King of Clubs Championship and 2 x 4th places in the Supersport Championships.

I moved to Spain in 2004 until 2007 and although not racing still did regular track days at Valencia, Albacete and Cartagena. In late 2007 I returned to the Bemsee fold and competed in SBK400 at the end of the season.

For 2008 I did selected rounds of the EDI Asia 400 championship with a best result of 6th place. In 2009 I switched classes to the Thunderbikes UK championship on a CBR600, although I maintained links with the 400s as the clubs Rider Rep' until August 2009.

To date I have more than 500 race starts to my name and have ridden in various forms of 2 wheeled Motorsport, other than Roadracing, such as Motocross, Trails, Enduro and Drag Racing.
I've enjoyed instructing at the Bemsee Race School and will be taking his ACU Instructors course in 2009.

I'm back then!

I'll be helping 400's out as Rep again from 2016